Ilze is a director in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group of PH Attorneys where she heads up the Family Law division. She specialises in family law and handles matters in the Children’s Court, Maintenance Court, Domestic Violence Court, Magistrates' Court, Regional Court and High Court. She also conducts general litigation on behalf of clients.

Ilze is key role player in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group. From the start of her legal career, Ilze has let her work ethic and absolute commitment to her clients speak for her - a fact supported by her impressive range of cases and high success rates. She is a fighter at heart, a deep thinker, a bit of a perfectionist with a sense of humour and she sets high standards for herself and everyone she works with. Experience has taught her how to use these traits to her clients’ advantage.  

Ilze’s no-nonsense approach in her representation of clients does not compromise her compassion or unwavering commitment to quality. Without fail, she approaches each case with the same focus and commitment as she has done since her first case, ensuring that clients are in the best hands possible. Particularly with family matters, she strongly believes that clients must be assisted through what is often an incredibly difficult time in their lives, with efficiency, empathy and dignity. She is devoted to not only giving her clients sound legal advice and exceptional service, but also to invest in each client personally to ensure that their best interests are always served. Ilze is a “plan-maker” and she loves thinking outside of the box to find solutions which suit every client and matter. 

Ilze is the chairperson of the Executive Committee of Families South Africa (FAMSA) Bloemfontein and in this manner contributes to the important role of family in today’s society.

As a multi-skilled individual, Ilze has competed as a sportswoman at Provincial and National level during her school and university days. She graduated from university as the second-best student in her class and won the national criminal mock trial court competition in her final year of studies. She believes in maintaining a healthy life style and making time for family and friends as important elements in bringing perspective to her law practice.