Corlia is the Director and Head of the Transfer and Development Centre in the Property Practice Group. With a strong focus on property transfers and registrations, her expertise shines through. She possesses a distinct passion for the intricate world of township and sectional title scheme registration, as well as property subdivisions and consolidations.

Client satisfaction stands as her primary objective. Drawing from her comprehensive understanding of transfers, township establishment, subdivisions, and consolidations, Corlia's meticulous work ethic and persistent drive to solve legal issues result in fulfilling outcomes.

She gets immense satisfaction from witnessing the end result of days, weeks, and even months of planning and problem-solving translate into a single, gratifying result. Corlia finds great pleasure in assembling each puzzle piece and addressing every challenge along the way to create a coherent whole.

Beyond embracing the challenges each case presents, property transfers are almost synonymous with new beginnings: a young couple embarking on homeownership, an aspiring developer sharing their vision, or a retiree finding their dream house. Corlia shares in her clients' excitement, and this passion lies at the heart of her motivation.

Admitting to a touch of perfectionism in her work, Corlia's quest for flawlessness may occasionally challenge her dedicated support team, but it's her clients who reap the benefits.

Within the Property Practice Group, Corlia takes the lead as the head administrator of the Property Transfer Centre. She oversees administrative staff and refines work procedures and systems. Additionally, she represents her department on the firm's Tender Committee.

With an added passion for teaching and presenting, Corlia has attended various NAMA events as a speaker. Here, she delves into sectional title legislation developments and emphasises the importance of effective scheme management. She's actively involved in estate agent training seminars and sessions for bankers.

Outside of her professional field, music takes centre stage in Corlia's life as she indulges in playing her piano. Her love and passion for travel and the great outdoors shine through, whether she's hiking or simply spending time in her garden.