Eldon is one of the youngest Directors in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group at PH Attorneys, where he specialises in private and public law (administrative law) litigation and disputes between intergovernmental organs.  In addition to his portfolio, Eldon is our go-to professional for Veld Fire (Wildfire) law cases. His expertise ensures that clients receive the highest level of support and advocacy in matters related to wildfires.

Eldon is born and bred in the judicial capital. He matriculated at Grey College Secondary and completed his studies at the University of the Free State. He also served on the board of the Juridical Society at the Law Faculty, using this as an opportunity to develop his leadership and interpersonal skills.  

After participating in the firm’s vacation programme, and with his strong inclination toward dispute resolution, he was appointed to conduct his articles in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group where he excelled. While serving his articles Eldon also completed his practical legal training at the Bloemfontein School for Legal Practice.  

Eldon’s practice includes private, public and/or institutional clients. Eldon has gained experience in civil and public disputes which includes but is not limited to delictual and contractual disputes in the higher and lower courts, intergovernmental disputes, review applications, constitutional matters, general civil litgation, general legal advising, insurance related disputes, veldfire claims, construction law disputes in the DAB, institution and opposing of interdicts, eviction applications, consumer related matters, public sector work and procurement. 

Eldon is solution-driven and has adopted a client-centred approach and holds values such as integrity, respect and loyalty close to heart. He has an innate passion for the law and for solving problems, and by paying attention to detail and exercising a relentless work ethic, he is a valuable addition to the Dispute Resolution Practice Group and its clients.