04 November 2019
Recently I was confronted with a matter where a cl...

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01 November 2019
I think we can all picture one of our many favouri...

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22 October 2019
This past two weeks the media were abuzz with repo...

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21 October 2019
Various explicit videos and pictures of a woman wh...

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26 September 2019
During the past several weeks the trade union, SAS...

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16 September 2019
We are all familiar with the saying that it takes ...

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13 September 2019
Growing up, I didn’t know what I wanted to b...

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05 September 2019
A great uproar arose over the past week following ...

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05 August 2019
The rise of social media platforms such as Faceboo...

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15 July 2019
Often when dealing with a civil matter either as p...

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03 July 2019
The average household size in South Africa is 3.58...

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