Nanette is the Practice Manager of the Commercial Practice Group. She specialises in commercial law and estate planning, with a passion for the drafting of wills and setting up trusts in order to ensure that her clients’ personal matters are in order and their assets protected.

Nanette is the Commercial Practice Manager at Phatshoane Henney Attorneys. She has always had a strong interest in commercial law and estate planning and specialises in these fields.

Her interests prompted Nanette to do a post graduate diploma in financial planning, after obtaining her LL.B cum laude. Her commercial interests immediately attracted the firm who appointed Nanette to serve her articles in the Commercial Practice Group of the firm.

In her early career, Nanette was extensively involved in the higher education sector providing a broad range of commercial and intellectual property related services in this sector and gaining extensive commercial, compliance and transactional experience. She has now come full circle and is once again providing services specifically with regards to intellectual property in this sector. 

Her broad commercial background has allowed her to work closely with many of the other professionals in the practice group, with Nanette providing support, quality control and mentorship to her junior colleagues.

Nanette has also gained further opportunity to specialise in estate planning and fiduciary work, being actively involved in the fiduciary services division of the firm where she provides estate planning advice and assistance to clients in the planning and structuring of their personal estates. The very personal nature of estate planning allows her to get to know her clients on a personal level and ensure that their future interests are being well-planned for.

When not involved in the estate affairs of her clients, Nanette loves going out to dance (a good old “sokkie” as we refer to in Afrikaans) with her husband. She is also a very proud bibliophile and will always find time for a good book.