Marvin is a Senior Associate in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group who specialises in civil Llitigation in the High Court and Magistrates' Court, focusing on contractual disputes and enforcement, interdicts, eviction matters, consumer rights, rental housing advice and debt collection. He dedicates himself to assisting his clients in the enforcement and defense of their rights.

Marvin is a Senior Associate in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group of Phatshoane Henney Attorneys where he is involved in providing High Court and Magistrates’ Court litigation and dispute resolution services to clients.

His inspiration to undertake a career in litigation arose from the values of human dignity, equality and freedom enshrined in our Constitution – values which he holds dear and encouraged him to make the decision to study law and become a litigant. It is also these values that Marvin applies on a daily basis in his practice to ensure that his clients receive the necessary attention and understanding. Identifying the real issues of a dispute is crucial in determining an effective dispute resolution strategy, and Marvin believes that only by interrogating and understanding the underlying aspects of each matter can you truly determine an effective strategy for your clients.

Marvin works closely with colleagues in other departments, understanding that a multi-disciplinary approach is often the best course of action for an effective solution. His willingness to understand and put in the time to unpack each case, is what makes Marvin an asset to the firm and his clients.