Libo is a Director in the Property Practice Group who specialises in property transfers while engaging with Estate Agents and assisting Correspondent Attorneys in all aspects of conveyancing - from registration of townships, sectional title schemes, to property subdivisions and consolidations .

Libo was inspired to undertake a career in property law due to a familial heritage in the construction industry. With 20 years of experience in the property sector, Libo has established himself as a leading attorney in respect property and sectional title developments. In addition to property, Libo also specialises in tax law and often finds that there are important correlations between the tax environment and the field of property law that must be understood when advising clients on new or specialised property developments.

Due to the commercial nature of property transactions, Libo assists clients, by working closely with colleagues in the commercial divisions of the firm to comprehensively structure and advise on a transaction and transaction documents. His ability to approach transactions on a broader basis than only from a property perspective, has enabled Libo to gain a solid reputation as a solution-finder.

Libo has also, for a number of years, served on the Free State Law Society’s conveyancing examination panel, grading attorneys writing their conveyancing examinations.

Libo is involved in the management of the Property Practice Group and is also a member of the firm’s IT Committee where he ensures that technological developments and new systems are implemented within the practice group.

In his spare time, Libo enjoys mountain biking and classical music as well as helping out as a volunteer at local community upliftment NPO’s.