Jeanette is a director in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group with specialisation in Labour and Employment Law. Her passion lies in litigating labour disputes in the courts and various fora as well as understanding the changing world of work and the impact thereof on Labour Laws in order to create bespoke client-solutions. 

Jeanette is a Director in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group at Phatshoane Henney Attorneys, focusing on labour disputes and representation of parties in various administrative fora as well as the Labour Court. 

Jeanette commenced her legal career in litigation at Phatshoane Henney Attorneys and established her strong dispute resolution skills as a litigant, before moving to the Labour and Employment division of the firm. She has since represented clients in and advised on a diverse range of employment disputes/issues from industrial relations to demarcation disputes.

Her client-centric approach which is based on establishing authentic personal and professional relationships with clients has resulted in a broad variety of clientele both in the private and public sectors including education, mining, engineering and health. An inimitable characteristic of this area of law is its fluidity in response to innumerable variables unique to each set of facts. It is not only exciting to be part of growing area of our jurisprudence in a changing world of work but also rewarding to form part of solutions in a highly combative space/environment.

Jeanette’s calm and comfortable approach has made her a strong favourite with her clients who refuse to work with anyone else.