About Us

Setting the Standard
Our firm tagline is “Setting the Standard.” We see this tagline as both a confirmation of how we work and aspirational - challenging us every day to affirm that we set the standard in all we do.

We aim to set the standard in how we deliver our services. We have invested in establishing a state-of-the art Knowledge Centre staffed by full-time legal professionals providing research and legal support to our professionals. We equip our professionals through the use of technology to work anywhere and always be in contact in with our clients and have outfitted our offices with video-conferencing technology to engage with clients anywhere in the world. We constantly identify new ways to improve or add to our service offering and challenge our professionals to develop new skills and areas of expertise.

We have established the best working conditions for our staff and deliver training at all our offices through online training platforms. We recruit only the best staff and invest in them to ensure that when you work with us we are able to exceed your expectations.

We have established an internal web-development team to assist us to utilise the latest in web technology and digital platforms to communicate to our clients and provide access to legal knowledge and content.

We recognise that for a law firm privacy is sacrosanct. Accordingly, we have invested in data security, disaster recovery and business continuity to ensure that our information technology infrastructure enables us to work 24/7 and that your client information is secure and protected.

We set clear standards for our staff and require these to be adhered to at all times. It is through these standards that we are able to provide each client with the comfort that their matter is in good in hands.