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24 August 2020,  Jaco Van den Berg 221

Although most people have heard of the term ‘money laundering’, there is often confusion as to what exactly money laundering entails.

This leaves many businesses open to the risk of being unknowing victims of money laundering activities, as this could lead to unsuspecting persons and institutions being involved or used in money laundering activities or money laundering transactions in the normal course of their business unknowing that they are engaging in or assisting with money laundering.

Although certain businesses and specific business sectors, such as banks, are more vulnerable targets when it comes to money laundering, it is important for all businesses to have an understanding of this concept and to be aware that they could be targets as well.

This short course, Money Laundering, written by me as an Associate in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group, will teach you all you learn to know to protect yourself and your business.


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