Phatshoane Henney Group firms awarded for achieving the highest standards

12 March 2019 ,  Soekie Smith 808

A total of 33 Phatshoane Henney Group Firms received Platinum, Gold and Silver Achiever Awards following the Group’s annual Group Standards Certification process conducted at the end of 2018.

The 18 firms which received Platinum Achiever Awards achieved more than 80% on their overall Group firm scorecard, whilst the 10 firms that obtained Gold Achiever Awards each measured between 70 and 79.99%. A further five firms scored between 60 and 69.99%, for which they were awarded Silver Achiever Awards.

This certification process measures the performance of each of the Group’s 50 law firms in relation to the established Phatshoane Henney Group standards, measuring client service, staff satisfaction rates, best practice implementation, BEE compliance and Group involvement.

The certification process also measures the compliance and progress of each Group firm to adopting the five Group values – Caring, Innovation, Standards, Expertise and Diversity – at their firms, and provides a unique barometer to each Group firm of their compliance.

As such the certification process underpins the brand character of the Group and establishes what is required for a Group firm to be a New Breed of Law Firm and how far each firm is on its road towards realising that goal.

“With our extensive support, guidance and mentorship, we are proud of the achievements of our Group firms in 2018 and are excited at the growing number of firms that are excelling annually in our certification process. It shows we are having an impact and that we are do the right things and helping firms put the right infrastructure in place. Congratulations to each firm that achieved exemplary results in 2018!” Douglas Henney, Phatshoane Henney Group Chair.