Golf, the law and constructive confrontations
09 May 2019  | Japie Kruger | Views: 637
It is a privilege to actually find a job that you are passionate about and enjoy on a daily basis, and no, I am not talking about being a professional golfer - although that would also have been pretty amazing!

My name is Japie Kruger, and I am a Senior Associate in our Dispute Resolution Practice Group. Being an associate in any Dispute Resolution Group will entail being surrounded with different views on the law leading to the occasional constructive confrontation, whether it is with your opponent or own client. This is exactly what I enjoy the most about being an attorney. I am continuously surrounded with different sets of facts, which often require a unique interpretation to achieve the sought-after outcome. 

I deal with a wide variety of matters which ranges from commercial litigation, insurance matters, evictions, road accident fund claims and that is to only name a few. The variety and the vastness of the law is what makes being an attorney a never-ending opportunity to learn and improve yourself. 

Join me as I share some of my thoughts on the daily encounters that I have with the law and how we deal with them.