How I met your mother
01 November 2019  | Neo Madlala | Views: 1362
I think we can all picture one of our many favourite scenes from this series, with our favourite characters reminiscing on love lost, love found and everlasting friendships. We can all think back to a similar conversation with friends while having a drink at a pub, a restaurant or during South Africa’s favourite pastime, a braai.

I grew up in the dusty streets of Soweto, a well known South African township. Growing up, I had a love for sports and to my credit, I was adept at it. My aunt loved watching the shows Law & Order and CSI. I would be fascinated by the investigations and verbal combat during court proceedings.

During my matric year, my English teacher who doubled up as my debating coach, told me that I would be wasting my future if I did not become a lawyer. Lo and behold, after five gruelling years at Kovsies and two years of articles, I am a proud attorney practising at Phatshoane Henney Attorneys.

My name is Neo Madlala, and I guess this is pretty much my story of how I met Lady Justice.

I am currently a Senior Associate working in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group, dealing with civil and labour matters. Outside of the office, I enjoy all things sports, travelling and enjoying a drink or two with friends and colleagues.

I am sure you are asking yourself why this blog is packed with alcohol references. Well, that’s because I also specialise in all sorts of liquor law related matters. Whether it be registrations for new licences, renewals of licences or the filing of objections, I am your man.

I guess as Oom Charles once said “It all comes together with a Castle” - or if you prefer, some gin or a tequila.

If you are interested in any of my service fields, especially liquor licensing, you can look forward to many more of my blogs and other posts on our social media platforms.