We have a culture and way of doing things that is very specific to our firm. Accordingly we develop our new breed lawyers internally and invest in their expertise and skills. Many of our senior professionals served their articles with us and have moved through the ranks to receive higher honours in the firm, evolving our approach to law along the way.

But every now and then we meet an outside professional that has the right qualities to become a new breed lawyer at Phatshoane Henney Attorneys and who is on the lookout for a firm with the qualities and values we hold important. And when the timing is right and the nod is received, another new breed lawyer may join our ranks and become part of our family.

If you believe you fit the bill and are interested in working as a professional at Phatshoane Henney Attorneys, you can contact us by sending a current curriculum vitae as well as a cover letter detailing why you wish to join our firm to our Graduate Recruitment Manager, Soekie Smith at soekie@phinc.co.za