Candidate Attorneys
Do you take the lead? Are you creative? Do you have a ‘can-do’ attitude? Do you believe you offer something different? If you do, you are at the right place and may have the qualities to become a new breed lawyer!

At Phatshoane Henney Attorneys we only appoint candidate attorneys we believe have these qualities. Hard work, good academics, leadership etc. are implied – it’s that extra element that a candidate can offer that makes him or her, our pick. 

To identify our top choices we follow a rigorous recruitment and interview process. We feel so strongly about this process that we involve our directors directly in the process to ensure that we appoint right and invest correctly in our future. We also make sure that the remuneration package, benefits and the perks our candidate attorneys receive are worthy of the quality of candidates we wish to appoint. 

Once appointed, it is our aim to turn each candidate into a new breed lawyer. Because we operate in the fast lane and expect our candidate attorneys to hit the ground running, we put candidates through a robust orientation process to acclimatize to the firm and its procedures. We invest aggressively in continuing training and development providing technical and vital soft skills training as well as formal mentorship programmes and informal coaching to our candidates. 

But wary of all work and no play, our candidate attorneys are provided ample opportunity to socialise, engage in firm activities and events, and foment strong collegial relationships and teamwork – vital to the way we do things.

Candidate attorneys are provided formal and informal feedback during their articles, ensuring that they always know where they stand and what to improve on. We also don’t believe in hiring expensive waiters and make sure our candidates are exposed to and have opportunity to do real work, under the watchful supervision of a senior.

If you like what you hear, then maybe our paths should cross for you to become one of our new breed lawyers. If you agree, follow the link below to apply online on our Graduate Application Portal for articles at our firm.

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Not yet finished with your studies? Consider applying to join us for one of our vacation programmes and find out more about how we do things. You can also apply for vacation programmes via our Graduate Application Portal.

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