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5 reasons why POPIA is not a curse word
5 reasons why POPIA is not a curse word
03 February 2021  | Damian Viviers | Views: 402

POPIA has for years, and especially since coming into effect on 01 July 2020, attracted significant attention. While this legislation does of course place new compliance obligations on businesses during a time of economic difficulty and uncertainty left in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is certainly not bad news, whether seen from a business or personal perspective.

Here are five reasons why the coming into effect of POPIA is actually a really good thing:

1. The flow of personal information is now better regulated – POPIA imposes new rules and accountability for how personal information may be used and shared.

2. Data Security – POPIA requires that any entity in the possession of your personal information must take active measures to ensure that they keep your information safe and secure.

3. Access to information – Any entity that is in possession of your personal information must at your request, provide confirmation that they do have such information and provide you with access to that information.

4. Notification -  POPIA requires that if a business has experienced a data breach during which your personal information has been compromised or leaked they must inform you of any such breach and any measures they have taken in order to remedy the breach.

5. Quality marketing – POPIA has changed the rules regarding electronic direct marketing and essentially requires businesses, of which you are not an existing client or customer, to obtain your consent before they can market their goods and services to you.

Hence, five solid reasons not to view POPIA as a curse word - but rather as legislation that does in fact, make our world a better place.